Best Free Computer Encryption Software

database encryption

An FBI report issued that statement. In numerous report, over 12,000 notebooks go missing at international airports each year! Well as over One hundred fifty million personal files have been stolen by hackers since 2015. Now, it is more critical to protect your sensitive info, as well as photos on our hard drive. Although some new computer systems might have installed anti-virus protection software, which doesn’t stop hackers, or stolen laptops from having the files exposed.

Securing data is challenging, with technology innovating rapidly, business practices relying progressively on the collection and utilization of your own information, and sophisticated cybercriminals waging an escalating battle. Nevertheless safeguarding info is the moral and burden for the businesses with which individuals entrust their information. The authorized obligations to secure private information include an expanding set of laws, enforcement actions, regulations, contracts, common law duties, and self-regulatory regimes.

The effects of lost or stolen files may be disastrous for a business. Valuable data, just like IP, plans and also other commerce secrets, acquired by an adversary may cost a business hundreds of thousands in losses. Secret government data that falls into the wrong hands may compromise a nation’s security and safety.

There are two main ways to the question of safeguarding your data in this process. You are able to secure all your files, making computer data un-readable to anybody but you, you also can hide them in the hope that an intruder will not be able to look for that hypersensitive information. idoo File Encryption can both encrypt and hide your files.

idoo File Encryption Software is the best quality encryption software, it quite effectively covers your computer data and disks. Bad actors simply just will not access your files and information. Again, this program notifies you if intrusion attempts occur. This is never going to be the case where you are not aware of your data has been compromised for days, weeks, or months.

This would be a feature-filled file and drive encryption software which delivers much more useful features than the others do. This computer software will provide a full range of file encryption, hide, deny read, shredder and a lot more.

But this is definitely not all. We have packed our Encryption Software with superb additional features you will find rather useful. For example, if someone tries to log in repeatedly with no correct password, you’ll get an email alert. In the meantime, the software program shuts down to prevent further attempts.

In addition, it gives you a unique means to fully keep an eye on all your files and hard drives. You’ll get a comprehensive report concerning all accesses to files together with the running of programs. A quick check helps you know when an unauthorized access has occurred. You are able to immediately follow up and then block access before extensive damage could happen.

This has two different techniques to secure files or folders. The first is to create a file of self-extracting format, whose format is “exe”. This kind of file can be opened on any computer by simply inputting the correct security password. Another one is to create a file with a “gfl” extension that can only be opened on the computer installed idoo File Encryption. You may decide a proper way to suit your current requirements.

Last but not least, this Encryption Software enables you to adhere to business and government laws in regard to the security of financial and also private information. You’ll sleep much better knowing that your important files and hard disks are perfectly protected from intrusion.


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